The title Computerized Shepherd was born out of a sermon I heard in a Church in France.
The preacher was talking about David the Shepherd (he of David and Goliath fame), he was explaining how David, whilst a very able shepherd, was prepared to do anything to protect his sheep, even to the point of throwing stones at wolves that threatened them. He went on to say that Jesus was similar and that we too in our way must be prepared to throw stones if it meant protecting one another from the wolves that would seek to limit our freedom, either through fear or control.

Society today comes up with the most amazing half truths or downright barefaced lies.

We hear a lot about “Fake News” with Donald Trump both its greatest critic and exponent. Norman Swartzkopf (he of the Desert Storm military action against Sadam Husain’s invasion of Kuwait), attacked a critical report as “Bovine Scatalogy” (look it up if you don’t know what it is).

This website is my attempt to sort out the nonsense that is reported as fact and throw stones at some of the so called scientifically proven research.

You won’t find a Social network link here as I consider them to be one of the 10 most dangerous outcomes of electronic or internet progress.
The only thing I can say in defence of this site is that I have made the best effort to be fair handed.