Bovis Stercus

For those who have difficulty calling a spade a spade, I thought that in deferrence (that’s a laugh) to Boris Johnson and his posh mates, I would give this section a Latin Title.

Someone pointed out that Political Satire has finally died out.

There is, after all, no point in trying to make fun of politics when the reality is far funnier than anything a humourist could think up.

Someone pointed out that Boris Johnson only opens his mouth to change feet. Many of us wondered whether Dominic Cummings recent departure from Number 10 was simply done for publicity and that he was let back in via the back door. I suspect the latter may be nearer the case.

In the meantime no doubt like many of his predecessors he will appear sometime at the Kremlin to receive his medal as Hero of the Soviet Union. I know there is officially no Soviet Union anymore but perhaps Vladimir

(former head of the KGB) hasn’t taken that on board yet.

In the meantime Boris’s mistress has taken over running the government.