Were you conned?

All the Brexit lies exposed.

The rottenness in the lies you’ve been served is now exposed.
The Leave billionaires – and increasingly evident now, the Russians – donated millions into a campaign to detach the UK from the EU for their own financial and political benefits, supported by thousands of Leave.EU and Russian automated bots and troll farms which targeted social media users with misinformation and lies.
The Leave millionaire politicians unscrupulously peddled lie after lie to the Leave voters. £350m back. Immigration is bad. We don’t have control of borders. We have lost sovereignty. The EU is falling apart. Turkey is joining. We have to join an EU army. Leaving is easy with the same exact benefits. German car producers will ensure we get a good deal. We will get trade deals by 2019. The EU need us more than we need them. We don’t have to pay the EU anything.
Every lie is now proven wrong. Every single one.
The ultra-rich owned right wing and tabloid press spewed out drivel and falsehoods to the ignorant Leave voters. The Telegraph – owned by the tax-haven Channel Islands resident Barclay brothers. The Daily Mail – Bermuda tax-haven registered and owned by the non-domicile Viscount Rothermere. The Sun – foreign-owned by Murdoch with his tax-dodging 62 subsidiaries in the British Virgin Islands, 33 in the Caymans and 15 in Mauritius. The Daily Express – owned by the billionaire Richard Desmond and registered in the tax havens of Luxembourg and the Channel Islands.
A collection of billionaires and millionaires with a single aim. To protect their tax avoidance in their tax havens. The donors of Brexit. The politicians of Brexit. The media barons of Brexit.
Why aiming at the EU? The EU was a minor issue in British politics outside a small clique of ‘bastards’ in the Tory party until the last few years.
It’s simple. The EU took aim at tax avoidance and tax evasion in 2013 based on their experience of Greece where billions where siphoned off by the Greek elite, placed outside of reach from their national tax system . They wanted to target tax avoidance in offshore tax havens in 2015.
The EU became a threat to the tax avoidance of the billionaires and millionaires.
A month after the 2015 offshore tax haven decision in the EU, the Tory party announced we would have an EU referendum to leave. Not requested by the public, but now supported by a tax-avoiding tabloid press in overdrive.
‘We’ve lost sovereignty to the EU’. ‘EU immigrants destroy our jobs, houses, NHS and schools’. ‘We need to control our borders’.
Their ignorant reader base were fooled and believed the lies. The aftermath is the biggest political chaos in post-war Britain.
We never lost sovereignty. The Government even said in its Brexit White Paper that ‘we never lost it – it just felt like it’. We have agreed to 95% of EU laws, we have abstained on 3% and only voted against 2%. We have the same sovereignty as all modern states have.
We can control immigration. We are out of Schengen which means we can check and deny entry at our airports and ports. We can use EC/2004/38, an EU directive that permits us to send back every EU citizen without a job, funds or comprehensive health care after only 3 months. We have control.
We have a net economic benefit from immigration. The EU immigrants will each year pay several billions more in tax than they take out in public benefits. The British-born population is net negative and so is non-EU immigration. EU immigration is effectively subsidising public services for the native population in addition to fuelling the economy with much needed intellectual and resource capital.
Do facts matter to the billionaires and millionaires in business, politics and the tabloid media needing Brexit to protect their hidden fortunes from EU scrutiny?
No. Their tabloid attack dogs have gone fascist. If you question the benefit of Brexit you become a ‘Traitor’, ‘Saboteur’, ‘Enemy’ and ‘Citizen of Nowhere’.
As the lies are exposed, the economic damage is clear and their argument is lost, their vitriol become a crescendo.
The vitriol applies to our judges, parliamentarians, celebrities, business leaders and every day citizens. Speak against Brexit and you are treacherous to ‘the will of the people’.
This is simply wrong. The ‘will of the people’ was 37% of eligible voters or 26% of the population on a given day in an advisory referendum. Democracies can and do change their minds. It’s part of the definition of being one.
Why is this vitriol so menacing and desperate?
Again, it simple. It’s about protection of money and wealth. It’s about securing access to tax havens, threatened by an EU Tax Avoidance Directive crackdown going live in 2019.
Our Article 50 notification to Leave on 29 March 2019 was not coincidental.
This is the true ‘control’ and ‘sovereignty’ the tax-avoiding Leave billionaires and millionaires really wanted. It wasn’t for you. It wasn’t for Parliament.
It was for themselves.
With an estimated £300 billion of UK taxpayers money hidden away in offshore tax havens, created by the same billionaires and millionaires, the tricks and lies we were given are clear.
They said we had to be ‘anti-establishment’ and against the ‘elites’. They meant their political opponents and the EU whilst they denied us the tax revenues needed for our housing, healthcare, education, pensions, social care and policing.
They said austerity was needed to correct our growing deficit and large debt – caused in part by their own tax avoidance equivalent to around 15% of our GDP. They cut public services, security, schools, NHS and social care whilst their own tax avoidance enrichment was systemic.
Punish the less well off. Protect the wealthy. Blame the punishment on the immigrants and the welfare seekers.
Scrap the 50p tax rate for millionaires. Drive corporation tax to its lowest level. Keep off shore tax avoidance open.
Cut the benefits for the disabled. Stop building houses. Invest less per capita for education and healthcare. Take police officers off the street.
Blame tax-paying Polish builders and Latvian fruit pickers who haven’t got a vote.
Brexit is a disguise for control of tax avoidance by the ultra-rich elite advocating it. Add to this an opportunity for the same people to remove profit-limiting consumer, employment and environmental protections and further reductions in corporation tax and you can easily see whose ‘will’ is being achieved through leaving the EU.
We can be fooled once and it’s no shame. Be fooled twice and the joke is now on you.